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Industrial Athletes

The job we do on a daily basis is the second most dangerous job in the world (behind crab Fishermen). It requires strength, stamina, wit and grit (not to mention a love for Trees). But more importantly, it requires all of these things combined with the WILLINGNESS to accept a dangerous job and the desire to complete the job safely- working as a TEAM.

Unfortunately, 3-5 members of our Arborist community DIE doing Tree work, in America, every MONTH. It is with this knowledge that we go into the field everyday with safety on our minds, the communication of our teammates-in the canopy and on the ground- ringing in our ears, and the motto “Live to Climb and Climb to Live” in our hearts to get us thru the day and back to our homes to rest for the night, to do it again tomorrow.

Dennis Shea – “Industrial Athlete” January 2014